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Samuel L.Vick Elementary

CIS Scholars Induction

December 21, 2016

Families watched as students were inducted into the CIS Scholars Program at Vick Elementary. Students are given support throughout the school year to reach individualized goals and celebrate growth and success. We are thankful for the parents and school staff that partner with us to help students achieve their goals and succeed in life!



CHOICE BUS vists Charles H. Darden Middle 

State Farm and the Mattie C. Stewart Foundation presented the 2016 Choice Bus. The Choice Bus is a half-prison cell half-classroom converted school bus. The Mattie C. Stewart Foundation puts on this event in hopes of educating students on the importance of staying in school.

“When students board The Choice Bus, they get to experience what life is actually like from two different points of view. It helps students dig deep into thinking about their futures based on the decisions they will make.” –Sherri Stewart, executive director of The Mattie C. Stewart Foundation

Four the last four years, State Farm has provided grants to the MCSF so that the Choice Bus can be put on. This year, Darden Middle School participated in the Choice Bus on Friday, November 18th, 2016. To learn more about MCSF click here.

See pictures from The Choice Bus at Darden Middle School below:

img_4211 img_4210 img_4208 img_4207 img_4206

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