Winstead Elementary Black History Celebration

Winstead Black History Celebration

The theme of our Black History Celebration this year was “You Are Royalty”.  This event was a Tier 1 intervention with the underlying focus being positive behavior.  When you think of Black History, in this day and time, with this generation of students, the first thing they mention in most cases are those who are famous, and it is important for them to know that there is more to Black History than being famous. So this year along with speaking to the King and Queen on the inside of each student, we wanted to highlight African American figures in our community who are everyday working class citizens who make history each and everyday.  They do this by going to work, working hard, being a good neighbor, and loving and providing for their families. We wanted help our students know that if they do nothing more than grow up, go to work, work hard, be a good neighbor and community person, and love and take care of their families, they too will make history and therefore be a success. However, they will not do this unless they realize the King and/or Queen that lives on the inside of them and act like they are royalty, because they are royalty. ​


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